Tumbbad Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Filmymeet Filmyzilla

Tumbbad Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Filmymeet Filmyzilla

Tumbbad Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Filmymeet Filmyzilla – “Tumbbad” is not your typical Bollywood film. Released in 2018, this Indian Hindi-language folk horror movie, directed by Rahi Anil Barve, took the film industry by storm with its unique storytelling, exceptional visuals, and thought-provoking themes. In this article, we will delve into the story, explore the critical reception, and take a closer look at the cast and crew members who brought this cinematic masterpiece to life.

Tumbbad Full Movie Story Filmymeet

At its core, “Tumbbad” is a tale of greed, mythology, and the consequences of human desires. The film is set in the 20th century in the Indian village of Tumbbad, located in Maharashtra. The story follows the journey of Vinayak Rao, portrayed brilliantly by Sohum Shah, as he embarks on a quest to discover a hidden treasure rumored to be buried deep within the heart of the village.

The narrative unfolds with an introduction to the Goddess of Prosperity, a symbol of boundless wealth and abundance. The goddess gave birth to 160 million gods, with Hastar being her firstborn and most beloved. However, Hastar’s insatiable greed led to his downfall, and he was cursed to be forgotten by history. Despite this, the residents of Tumbbad decide to build a temple dedicated to Hastar, defying an ancient taboo and incurring the wrath of the gods.

In 1918, Vinayak’s mother, along with the local lord’s mistress, seeks to obtain a gold coin kept with the idol of Hastar. Meanwhile, Vinayak and his brother Sadashiv must contend with a monstrous old woman chained in a separate room. Tragedy strikes when Sadashiv is fatally injured, setting off a series of events that will shape Vinayak’s destiny.

Tumbbad Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Filmymeet Filmyzilla

Vinayak’s relentless pursuit of the hidden treasure begins fifteen years later, driven by his desire to escape poverty. He returns to Tumbbad, where he encounters the monstrous old woman, now with a tree growing out of her body. She warns him of the curse that awaits anyone who touches Hastar, but Vinayak remains undeterred. He devises a plan to steal from Hastar, who hungers for flour after being deprived of the goddess’s grain for years.

As the story unfolds, Vinayak’s actions become increasingly desperate, leading to a series of morally ambiguous decisions. He forms an alliance with an opium merchant and resorts to treacherous means to protect his treasure. The film explores the consequences of his choices and the toll they take on his humanity.

The narrative takes a chilling turn when Vinayak introduces his son, Pandurang, to the treacherous world of Tumbbad and the pursuit of the hidden treasure. What follows is a harrowing descent into darkness, as father and son become entangled in a web of greed, curses, and monstrous entities.

Tumbbad Full Movie Cast Filmywap

Sohum ShahVinayak Rao
Harsh KHastar
Jyoti MalsheVinayak’s mother
Rudra SoniSadashiv
Madhav Hari JoshiSarkar
Piyush KaushikGrandmother
Anita Date-KelkarVaidehi; Vinayak’s wife
Deepak DamleRaghav
Cameron AndersonSergeant Cooper
Ronjini ChakrabortyVinayak’s mistress
Mohammad SamadPandurang
Tumbbad Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Filmymeet Filmyzilla
Tumbbad Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Filmymeet Filmyzilla

Tumbbad Full Movie Crew Members Vegamovies

Crew MemberRole
Rahi Anil BarveDirector
Mitesh ShahScreenplay Writer
Adesh PrasadScreenplay Writer
Anand GandhiScreenplay Writer
Pankaj KumarDirector of Photography
Sanyukta KazaEditor
Ajay–AtulMusic (Song) Composers
Jesper KydMusic (Score) Composer
Eros InternationalProduction Company
Sohum Shah FilmsProduction Company
Colour Yellow ProductionsProduction Company
Film i VästProduction Company
Filmgate FilmsProduction Company
Eros InternationalDistributor
Tumbbad Full Movie Hindi Dubbed Filmymeet Filmyzilla

Tumbbad Full Movie Review Filmyzilla

“Tumbbad” received widespread critical acclaim both in India and internationally. The film’s unique blend of horror, fantasy, and folklore captivated audiences and critics alike. On Rotten Tomatoes, it holds an impressive approval rating of 86%, with critics praising its atmospheric storytelling and stunning visuals.

Rachit Gupta of The Times of India described the film as “moody and atmospheric” and compared it to acclaimed international films like “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “Eraserhead.” Baradwaj Rangan noted that “Tumbbad” is a genre-defying masterpiece that stands out in the Indian cinematic landscape. The film’s ability to subvert genres while remaining true to its Indian roots was a recurring theme in many reviews.

Sanjukta Sharma of Scroll.in praised the film for its astute subversion of horror tropes, highlighting its exploration of primal themes such as greed within an Indian context. Udita Jhunjhunwala of Mint commended “Tumbbad” for its eerie and imaginative design, noting its stunning visuals and direction.

Anupama Chopra was effusive in her praise, calling “Tumbbad” a visually stunning and unique cinematic experience. Subhash K. Jha emphasized the film’s visual appeal, declaring it a must-see for those who consider cinema primarily a visual medium.

In international reviews, “Tumbbad” continued to impress. Lee Marshall of Screen International appreciated the film’s atmosphere and mythology but felt that it was let down by weak stock characters and an overly long middle section. Deborah Young of The Hollywood Reporter hailed the film as atmospheric and terrifying.

Overall, “Tumbbad” garnered accolades for its originality, visual artistry, and thought-provoking narrative, establishing itself as a standout achievement in Indian cinema.

Tumbbad Full Movie Trailer Filmymeet

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What is the genre of “Tumbbad”?

“Tumbbad” is primarily categorized as a folk horror film. It combines elements of horror, fantasy, and mythology, making it a unique and distinct entry in the horror genre.

Where was “Tumbbad” filmed?

The film was primarily shot in various locations in India, including parts of Maharashtra. The village of Tumbbad itself is a fictional creation but was constructed to convey the essence of an ancient Indian village.

Who directed “Tumbbad”?

The film was directed by Rahi Anil Barve, who played a pivotal role in shaping its distinctive visual style and storytelling.

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