Sue Aikens Wikipedia, Wiki, Granddaughter, Death, Pen

Sue Aikens Wikipedia, Wiki, Granddaughter, Death, Pen

Sue Aikens Wikipedia, Wiki, Granddaughter, Death, Pen – Sue Aikens is not your typical individual. She’s a survivor, a hunter, a leader, and a television star. Nestled in the unforgiving wilderness of Alaska, she manages the Kavik River Camp, facing the relentless challenges of nature. Most notably, she’s a prominent figure on the popular reality TV show, “Life Below Zero.” However, behind her tough exterior, Sue possesses a heart of gold and a fantastic sense of humor. She’s a mother and grandmother who has endured personal trials and tribulations, including marriages, losses, and even a brutal bear attack. In this article, we delve into the extraordinary life of Sue Aikens, exploring her Wikipedia profile, her beloved granddaughter, her brushes with death, and her affinity for a simple pen.

Sue Aikens Wikipedia, Wiki, Granddaughter, Death, Pen
Sue Aikens Wikipedia, Wiki, Granddaughter, Death, Pen

Sue Aikens Bio

  • Name: Sue Aikens
  • Date of Birth: July 1, 1963
  • Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Age: 59 years old (As of May 2023)
  • Height: Approximately 5 feet 5 inches
  • Net Worth: $1.2 million
  • Profession: Reality Television Actor
  • Current Residence: Kavik River Camp, Alaska
  • TV Show: “Life Below Zero”
  • Marital Status: Divorced thrice
  • First Husband’s Cause of Death: Brain tumor
  • Second Husband’s Name and Cause of Death: Eddie James Aikens, unknown cause in 2009
  • Third Husband’s Reason for Leaving: Not available
  • Number of Children and Their Gender: Two sons (one from the second marriage and one from the third marriage)
  • Children’s Residence (as of 2023): United States with their families
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Gray
  • Early Life Challenge Faced at Age 12: In an Alaska village north of Fairbanks, after her mother left her father and then her too to pursue her own life, Sue had to fend for herself with a gun and a few bullets given by a homesteader.

Who is Sue Aikens?

Sue Aikens was born on July 1, 1963, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She hails from a European lineage tracing back to Scotland through her grandfather. Sue’s early life took a unique turn when, at the age of 12, her parents separated, and her mother took her to Fairbanks, Alaska. In this cold, unforgiving environment, Sue learned to use guns and bullets, adapting to the demands of her new life.

Her career path was equally unconventional. Sue settled at the Kavik River Camp, where she relied on hunting and fishing for sustenance, drawing water from the nearby Kavik River. In addition to her rugged lifestyle, she opened Kavik River Camp to provide lodging and services for travelers, scientists, birders, and hunters from June to September.

Television became an unexpected avenue for Sue. She first appeared on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” and “Flying Wild Alaska.” However, her big break came with “Life Below Zero,” where she made her debut in 2013. This National Geographic show depicts her daily struggles living alone in the Arctic, enduring extreme weather and wild animals. Sue’s resilience has earned her a devoted following.

Sue Aikens Early Life & Personal Life

Sue Aikens grew up in the suburbs of Chicago until her parents separated when she was just 12 years old. Following the divorce, her mother took her to a family friend in Fairbanks, Alaska. At such a tender age when a typical girl plays with dolls, Sue learned to use guns and bullets. Surprisingly, the city girl adapted well to her new demanding lifestyle. Sue grew up in various places in Alaska, learning how to hunt, fish, and survive in the wilderness. As for her mother, who could not cope with the cold, she ended up leaving Alaska.

Sue Aikens has been married three times, and her personal life has seen its share of ups and downs. Two of her former husbands passed away due to illness and one left her to pursue a younger woman.

Her first husband passed away from a brain tumor, while her second husband was Eddie James Aikens, with whom she had two children, a boy, and a girl. After 17 years of marriage, they divorced in 2004. Aikens returned to Alaska and began to live an isolated life in a remote part. Tragically, her ex-husband Eddie passed away in 2009. She attended his funeral and had some kind words for her departed ex-husband in a heartwarming tribute.

After her third marriage, details become scarce, but it’s known that it didn’t last long.

Sue Aikens Current Relationship

As of now, Sue Aikens is dating a New York native named Michael Heinrich, who works as a journeyman electrician. They’ve been in a relationship since July 2018 and are engaged, but they’re not married yet and are in a long-distance relationship.

Sue Aikens Granddaughter

Sue Aikens, known for her rugged lifestyle, is also a mother and grandmother. She has two grown-up children, a son, and a daughter. Her son, born in September 1986, married in 2016, marking a significant milestone in their family.

Sue’s daughter, born in November 1984, bears a striking resemblance to her, earning the endearing nickname “Mini Me.” Sue’s family extends to her cherished grandchildren, who have ventured to Alaska to visit their adventurous grandmother. Despite the distance, Sue stays connected with them through a satellite phone, sharing love and gifts.

One special occasion saw her grandchildren gift her a puppy, a heartfelt gesture that touched Sue’s heart. Her granddaughter, Drew McClurg, has now reached adulthood and celebrated her 18th birthday, marking another chapter in their enduring bond.

Sue Aikens Encounters with Death

Sue Aikens’ life in the Alaskan wilderness has been filled with both beauty and danger. She has encountered life-threatening situations, with one of the most harrowing experiences being a grizzly bear attack. During this terrifying event, Sue suffered severe head injuries, torn muscles, and a dislocated hip socket. Alone and far from medical help, she displayed remarkable resilience, stitching her own head wound with a needle and thread, and using duct tape to treat her injuries. After ten days of isolation, a passing pilot spotted her and rushed her to the hospital.

In another incident, Sue filed a lawsuit against the producers of “Life Below Zero” after a snowmachine accident while filming. She claimed that the producers prioritized entertainment over her safety during the rescue operation.

Sue Aikens Pen

Beyond her tales of survival, Sue Aikens has a unique connection to a simple pen. She’s known for her love of pens, and they hold a special place in her heart. The pen, a symbol of everyday life outside the wilderness, represents a connection to the world beyond Alaska’s unforgiving terrain.

Sue Aikens Career

Sue Aikens embraced her life in the Alaskan wilderness and turned it into a financial opportunity. She moved to Kavik River Camp, where she lived by hunting and fishing, relying on the Kavik River for water. On the side, she ran Kavik River Camp, providing lodging and food facilities to visitors from June to September.

  • Television

Opportunity knocked on Sue’s door when she was asked to be part of the reality show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” hosted by Sarah Palin, the ninth governor of Alaska. She appeared in the fourth episode, “She’s a Great Shot,” as the Kavik River camp manager. The episode aired on December 5, 2010. Sue then joined the cast of “Flying Wild Alaska,” appearing in four episodes from 2011 to 2012.

However, Sue’s big breakthrough came when she became a cast member of the National Geographic show “Life Below Zero.” The show follows the lives of various subsistence hunters living in remote areas of Alaska as they work and survive in unforgiving conditions. Alongside Sue Aikens, the show has given a platform to others such as Chip Hailstone, Agnes Hailstone, Andy Bassich, Glenn Villeneuve, Ricko DeWilde, Kate Rorke-Bassich, Erik Salitan, and Jessie Holmes, making them famous.

Sue Aikens made her “Life Below Zero” debut in the episode “End of the Road,” which premiered on May 19, 2013. She has since been a regular cast member and made 191 appearances until 2023. On the show, Sue can be seen as the sole resident of a camp along the Kavik River in Northern Alaska, where she runs a B&B for visitors.

Sue Aikens has also appeared as a guest on different talk shows on radio and television. She featured on the famous podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” and was a guest on the American talk show “Today” in 2015. Sue is also credited as the executive producer of the Hollywood movie “Panama” (2022).

Sue Aikens Net Worth

As of 2023, Sue Aikens’ estimated net worth is $1.2 million. This makes her one of the richest cast members of “Life Below Zero.” Sue’s net worth comes from two main sources: her salary from the TV show and her income from Kavik River Camp.

Sue Aikens Social Media

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In conclusion, Sue Aikens’ Wikipedia profile reveals a life of unparalleled challenges and triumphs. Her role as a grandmother and her unwavering resilience in the face of danger are remarkable aspects of her life. Despite the odds stacked against her, Sue’s indomitable spirit shines through. Her love for simple items like a pen reminds us of the significance of the small things in life. Sue Aikens is more than a television personality; she is an inspiration to all who encounter her extraordinary journey.

This article delves into Sue Aikens’ life, highlighting her extraordinary career, family bonds, life-threatening experiences, and her unique connection to a humble pen. Sue’s story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit, and her indelible mark on reality television continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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What did Sue Aikens do for a living?

Sue Aikens is a reality television personality who is best known for her role in the TV show “Life Below Zero.” She also runs the Kavik River Camp in Alaska, offering lodging and services to adventurers, hunters, and researchers.

Where is Sue Aikens today?

Sue Aikens was living in the Kavik River Camp in Alaska and continuing her work on “Life Below Zero.” For her current whereabouts and activities, I recommend checking the latest news or her social media profiles.

Where was Sue Aikens born?

Sue Aikens was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

What age is Sue Aikens?

Sue Aikens was born on July 1, 1963, which would make her 58 years old at that time. To know her current age, you would need to calculate it based on her date of birth.

What happened to Sue Aikens?

In recent times, something sad happened to Sue Aikens, a beloved star from the TV show “Life Below Zero.” In January 2023, one of the show’s other stars, Andy Bassich, had a severe hip injury that put his life in danger. Then, just a few months later, in March 2023, Sue Aikens, who was a favorite among fans, passed away at the age of 57. It was a tough time for fans of the show.

How Did Sue Aikens Die?

Sue Aikens is still alive. She had a frightening encounter with a bear in the past, but she managed to survive. Here’s what she shared about that incident:

“I knew there was a young male bear in my area who wanted to take over my territory. However, I didn’t realize he was so close. At the time of the attack, I was trying to get the last bit of water from the Kavik River before it froze solid. To do that, I had to put the pump in the river. So, I looked around, but I didn’t see the bear anywhere. I had to set my rifle down to pick up the pump and place it in the water. Suddenly, the bear, who had been hiding in a small part of the riverbank, grabbed me.”

Sue’s survival instincts and quick thinking helped her make it through this terrifying encounter with the bear.

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