Sri Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi Wikipedia, Age, Death, Still Alive

Sri Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi Wikipedia, Age, Death, Still Alive

Sri Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi Wikipedia, Age, Death, Still Alive – In a world where human lifespans are limited, there exists an extraordinary tale of Sri Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi. His life transcends the boundaries of time, leaving us in awe of the remarkable journey he undertook through 17 different physical bodies. Let’s delve into the life, death, and the lingering mysteries surrounding this enigmatic yogi.

Sri Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi Wikipedia, Age, Death, Still Alive
Sri Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi Wikipedia, Age, Death, Still Alive

The Incredible Journey of Sri Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi

Born in Akavoor Mana in 1263, Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi’s story takes root in the heart of Kerala, India. His exceptional journey commenced at the tender age of nine when Lord Shiva, in the disguise of Goswami, led him to a Himalayan cave. In the tranquil Himalayas, he was tutored in the sacred arts of Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, and more by Goswami, who later merged with Siva Prabhakara.

For the next 30 years, Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi was accompanied by Nathakuzhiyil Janardhan Nair, his ‘manas putra’ and faithful accomplice from a previous birth. It was during this time that he mastered the secrets of Yoga and Meditation, ultimately achieving profound realizations.

What sets him apart from mortal men is his astonishing longevity. Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi incarnated himself not once or twice, but an astounding 17 times, living for a cumulative total of 723 years. This extraordinary feat places him among the rare Siddhas, revered in the mystical traditions of South India as one of the great 18 Siddhas.

Mystical Encounters and Miracles

Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi was a recluse, choosing to remain aloof and indifferent to the world around him. His existence was cloaked in mystique, and he rarely spoke to others. Throughout Kerala, his reputation as a miracle worker spread far and wide. Those fortunate enough to witness his miracles were left in astonishment.

Reports of his supernatural abilities abound. Some claim to have seen him levitate in the air while assuming the yogic posture of padmasana. Others have spoken of witnessing him bathe in boiling water or interact fearlessly with poisonous snakes. His extraordinary powers also extended to transforming metals into gold and reading the thoughts of those around him. Moreover, he was said to predict the future with uncanny accuracy.

One of the most remarkable incidents in his life occurred on his astrological birthdate. In front of a gathering, he dissolved into radiant light, a phenomenon that made headlines in Kerala’s leading newspapers, “Mathrubhumi Manorama” and “Malayala Manorama.”

The Many Incarnations of Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi

Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi’s first known avatar is believed to have been in Oachira, Kerala. Throughout his various incarnations, his fingers were almost always found in the Chinmudra. He was often seen using a cane.

However, his miraculous journey wasn’t confined to a single location. He is said to have resided in both North and South India, seamlessly transitioning from one body to another through the power of Parakaya Pravesh (the ability to enter and exit another body at will).

The Mysterious Discovery During World War II

During the chaos of World War II in 1942, fishermen in Kerala’s Ernakulam district made a startling discovery. While fishing in the sea waters, they pulled up an unexpected catch in their nets—a massive, polished black wooden object. Upon closer inspection, they realized it was a human body, intact and in excellent condition. To their astonishment, the man was alive.

The lower part of his body was covered with a loincloth and a simple country towel, while his hair was raised and tied in a manner resembling a Shiva Linga. Initially suspected of being a Japanese spy, the man was detained at the Mattancherry Police Station in Ernakulam. The police subjected him to intense interrogation and even brutality but failed to extract any information.

In a baffling turn of events, when the police inspector returned home for lunch one day, he found the man from the lockup walking right behind him. The authorities were left in utter disbelief. Subsequently, they questioned the man about his connections in Kerala, and he mentioned Shri. C.P. Ramaswami Iyer from Travancore. To their amazement, Shri. C.P. Ramaswami Iyer, who held the position of the Chief Minister during those times, recognized him and secured his release.

The man claimed that he had been in deep samadhi under the sea for about 50 years until the fishing nets had brought him to the surface. This extraordinary incident made headlines in prominent Malayalam newspapers like “Pouradhwani” and “Mathrubhumi.”

The Enigmatic Mahasamadhi

On April 6, 1986, precisely on the day of his birthstar, Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi attained Mahasamadhi on the Pullipara Hill in Omalloor, Kerala. This marked the end of his earthly journey, but his legacy continues to mystify and inspire generations.

The Endless Questions

The life of Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi raises more questions than it answers. How did he manage to live for 723 years, reincarnating himself 17 times? What was the source of his incredible powers? Was he truly an avatar of Lord Shiva or an embodiment of another divine entity? The answers remain elusive, shrouded in the enigma that surrounds this remarkable yogi.


Sri Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi’s life is a testament to the extraordinary potential of human existence. His journey, marked by miracles and mysteries, challenges our understanding of life and death. While his physical presence may have ended, the legend of this timeless yogi lives on, inspiring seekers of truth and spiritual enlightenment. In a world bound by the constraints of time, the story of Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi continues to remind us of the boundless possibilities that lie beyond our comprehension.

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Which yogi lived for 700 years?

The yogi who is said to have lived for around 700 years is Sri Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi.

Which Yogi lived 723 years?

Sri Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi is believed to have lived an astonishing 723 years, according to legends.

Who was the baba who lived 723 years?

The yogi often referred to as the baba who lived for 723 years is Sri Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi.

What was the age of Prabhakara Siddha Yogi Ji?

Sri Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi Ji’s age is said to have reached 723 years, an extraordinary and mysterious lifespan.

Who was the Yogi that lived 500 years old?

While there have been many yogic legends of long lives, one of the most famous yogis with a reputedly long life is Sri Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi, who lived for 723 years.

How old do yogis live?

The lifespan of yogis varies widely, and most yogis have a normal human lifespan. However, there are legends and stories of some exceptional yogis, like Sri Siva Prabhakara Siddha Yogi, who are believed to have lived for hundreds of years, defying the usual limits of human life. These stories are often considered as part of mystic and spiritual traditions.

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