Roadside Rowdy Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Filmywap

Roadside Rowdy Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Filmywap

Roadside Rowdy Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Filmywap – “Pichaikkaran,” which translates to “Beggar” in English, is a 2016 Indian Tamil-language action thriller film that took audiences on an emotional rollercoaster. Written and directed by Sasi and produced by Fatima Vijay Antony, this movie stars Vijay Antony and Satna Titus in the lead roles, with Bagavathi Perumal, Vazhakku En Muthuraman, and Dheepa Ramanujam in supporting roles. Vijay Antony also composed the music for the film, further enhancing its appeal.

Roadside Rowdy Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Filmywap
Roadside Rowdy Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla, Filmywap

Roadside Rowdy Movie Download Story

Arul Selvakumar is a successful businessman in Palladam, Tirupur district. His mother, Bhuvaneshwari, has been the driving force behind their textile business since his father’s untimely demise. Trouble brews when Avinashi, Bhuvaneshwari’s opportunistic brother-in-law, plots to seize Arul’s wealth.

After returning from abroad, Arul takes charge of the family business. However, tragedy strikes when Bhuvaneshwari is involved in a factory accident that leaves her comatose. Arul’s desperate attempts to save her life are in vain until he encounters a sage who reveals a possible lifeline. To save his mother, Arul must live as a beggar for 48 days, adhering to two conditions: conceal his true identity and tell no one about this mission.

Accepting the sage’s challenge as his only hope, Arul leaves his business in the hands of a trusted friend, Rajesh, and travels to Chennai. There, he joins a community of beggars near a temple, leading a life of destitution. It’s here that he crosses paths with Magizhini, a compassionate woman who captures his heart. Unknown to her, Arul had initially considered proposing to Magizhini through a matrimonial site before his life took this unexpected turn.

As their relationship blossoms, Magizhini learns of Arul’s secret life as a beggar during a wedding ceremony. At first, she feels deceived but later understands the noble purpose behind his actions. Arul’s determination to save his mother and his selfless nature win her over.

Meanwhile, Arul uncovers a shocking secret about a group of doctors using patients for unethical medical experiments. He becomes a target for hired goons, narrowly escaping their clutches.

On the eve of completing his 48 days as a beggar, tragedy strikes when Avinashi attempts to end Arul’s life but mistakenly stabs Magizhini instead. With no means to cover the hospital expenses, Arul’s fellow beggars come to his aid. Avinashi is arrested, but Arul’s mission is far from complete.

Returning home, Arul finds his mother’s health unchanged. As he prays for her recovery, he experiences a miracle. Six months later, Bhuvaneshwari fully recovers, and Arul and Magizhini are married.

In the film’s conclusion, a beggar approaches Arul outside a temple, but Arul, preoccupied with a phone call, misses the opportunity to help. Bhuvaneshwari, unaware of her son’s 48-day life as a beggar, reminds him of the importance of compassion for those less fortunate, highlighting the stark contrast between their lives and the life of a beggar.

“Pichaikkaran” is a tale of sacrifice, love, and the resilience of the human spirit, reminding us that sometimes, the most extraordinary journeys are those taken for the ones we hold dearest. Vijay Antony delivers a captivating performance in a role that showcases his versatility as an actor, making this film a heartfelt and thrilling experience for viewers.

Roadside Rowdy Movie Download Review

“Pichaikkaran” is a film that delves into themes of sacrifice, love, and redemption. Vijay Antony delivers a remarkable performance as Arul, a character who must maintain a false identity and speak as little as possible to achieve his mission. Despite his limited range, Antony’s portrayal resonates with the audience. His ability to select roles that suit his style is evident in this film, as he effortlessly fits into the role of a multi-millionaire turned beggar.

The film maintains a balance between crowd-pleasing moments and emotional depth. Director Sasi, known for his realistic approach in films like “Poo,” takes a different route with “Pichaikkaran.” The setup presents a unique twist on the classic rags-to-riches narrative, as Arul becomes a pauper to save his mother’s life.

One intriguing aspect of the story is the caveat that allows Arul to reveal his true identity and behave as a normal man after 6 pm. This clever narrative device helps build the romance between Arul and Magizhini, adding layers to their relationship.

While the transition into the life of a beggar could have been explored more deeply, the film’s tone leans towards an old-fashioned masala movie. Arul’s heroic actions and emotional dilemmas resonate with the audience, driving the narrative forward. Sasi skillfully amplifies the melodrama at crucial moments, keeping viewers emotionally engaged.

In conclusion, “Pichaikkaran” is a captivating tale that blends elements of sacrifice, love, and redemption into an action-packed narrative. Vijay Antony’s convincing performance as Arul, along with Sasi’s direction, creates an engaging cinematic experience. Despite a few narrative shortcuts, the film successfully delivers a powerful message about the lengths one will go to save a loved one.

“Pichaikkaran” remains a standout film in Vijay Antony’s career, showcasing his versatility as an actor. It’s a must-watch for those who enjoy action-packed dramas with a touch of emotion and a strong moral core.

Roadside Rowdy Movie Download Cast

Vijay AntonyArul Selvakumar
Satna TitusMagizhini
Bagavathi PerumalRajesh
MuthuramanArul’s Uncle
Dheepa RamanujamBhuvaneshwari
Mohan RamAudi Car Owner
Vinod SagarRowdy

Roadside Rowdy Movie Download Crew Members

ProducerFathima Vijay Antony

Music ByVijay Antony
Cinematography byPrasanna S. Kumar
Film Editing ByVeera Senthil Raj
Production Design by
Costume Design by

Roadside Rowdy Movie Download Trailer

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Is Pichaikkaran Based on a True Story?

Yes, Pichaikkaran is inspired by a true story. It’s about a rich businessman who secretly lives as a beggar for a specific time to save his dying mother.

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