Peter Wright Yorkshire Vet Wikipedia, Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, House, Bad News

Peter Wright Yorkshire Vet Wikipedia, Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, House, Bad News

Peter Wright Yorkshire Vet Wikipedia, Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, House, Bad News – Peter Wright is a well-known veterinarian hailing from Thirsk, England. Born on October 2, 1956, he has made a name for himself in the field of veterinary medicine and captured the hearts of many with his warm personality.

Peter Wright Education and Career

Peter’s educational journey took him to the University of Liverpool, where he qualified as a veterinarian in 1981. He has dedicated most of his career to the Skeldale Veterinary Centre, where he has worked for an extensive period. His expertise covers small animal internal medicine, equine care, and farm visits, providing invaluable support to the local community.

A Familiar Face on Television

Peter’s passion for his work also led him to the small screen. He became a beloved figure through the Channel 5 TV series, “The Yorkshire Vet.” This show has not only showcased his warm nature and professional demeanor but also highlighted his unwavering commitment to animal welfare.

Fans of the show had reason to rejoice in 2021 when it aired a Christmas special, and more excitement awaits with the announcement of two more seasons in 2022.

Peter Wright’s Age

As of now, Peter Wright is 66 years old, having been born on October 2, 1956. Despite the passing years, his dedication to his work and his love for animals remain as strong as ever.

Peter Wright’s Family Life

In his personal life, Peter found enduring love and companionship in his marriage to Lin. Their love story began in 1984 when they met at a party, and their connection was immediate. At the time, Peter had just started working at Skeldale, and Lin became a constant source of support in his life.

Approximately six weeks after they met, they decided to move in together, taking a significant step in their relationship. Their bond grew stronger, and before long, they became engaged on a memorable Valentine’s Day.

Lin, who celebrated her 60th birthday in April 2020, is believed to be around 62 years old. According to Peter, Lin’s unwavering support throughout his career has been invaluable.

Peter and Lin’s Children

The couple has a daughter named Emily, who was welcomed into their family before their marriage. Their son, Andrew, joined the family after they tied the knot. Lin also played a vital role in Peter’s professional life, working as a receptionist at Skeldale before her retirement.

With teamwork as their foundation and a deep connection that has stood the test of time, Peter and Lin continue to cherish their loving partnership.

A Journey Inspired by a Mentor

Peter’s journey into the world of veterinary medicine began with an apprenticeship under James Herriot, a legendary figure in the field. This experience had a profound impact on Peter’s future. Following in Herriot’s footsteps, Peter eventually took over Herriot’s practice in the stunning Yorkshire Dales.

Passion for Animals and Writing

Peter’s love for the animals and people of this breathtaking region is evident in his captivating books. Some of his notable works include “The Yorkshire Vet: In the Footsteps of Herriot,” “Tales and Tails of a Yorkshire Vet: All in a Day’s Work,” and “My Yorkshire Great and Small.”

Peter Wright’s Legacy

Peter Wright’s remarkable journey, from his rural upbringing to his role as a beloved veterinarian and author, has cemented his status as a cherished figure in the hearts of animal lovers and fans alike. His dedication to animal welfare, his warm and genuine nature, and his commitment to sharing his experiences have made him a true Yorkshire legend.


In conclusion, Peter Wright is not just a skilled veterinarian but also a storyteller who has shared his love for animals and the Yorkshire Dales with the world. His journey, both personal and professional, is an inspiration to many, and his legacy as “The Yorkshire Vet” continues to grow.

What’s Happened to Peter Wright, the Yorkshire Vet?

Peter Wright, the Yorkshire Vet, has made a change in his career. He now works part-time at Grace Lane Vets in Kirkbymoorside. He decided to step back from his previous role where he was always on call. This shift allows him more time for himself and his family. Speaking about this change, he mentioned that during his time as a vet, especially during the holiday season, his wife Lin and their children had to deal with a lot of interruptions. They had a Christmas schedule where he had to be available for emergencies, which meant he couldn’t spend holidays like most people do.

Why Did Peter and Julian Split in the Yorkshire Vet?

Peter and Julian, who were partners at Skeldale, decided to part ways. Peter and Tim decided to remain as partners in Skeldale, but now they work with a company called Medivet. Julian, on the other hand, chose to leave. He wanted to explore other interests, both in the field of veterinary medicine and in media. Julian wished Skeldale success in the future. So, the split was a decision to pursue different paths in their careers.

Is Peter Wright Still a Vet?

Yes, Peter Wright is still a veterinarian. He has more than 40 years of experience in taking care of all kinds of animals. After leaving Skeldale Veterinary Centre, where he trained under James Herriot, he now works at Grace Lane Vets in Kirkbymoorside. This veterinary practice is located on the edge of the moors in North Yorkshire. So, even though he made a change in his workplace, he continues to work as a dedicated vet, using his extensive knowledge and experience to help animals.

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