Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan relationship

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan relationship

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan relationship – The departure of Michael Strahan from the talk show “Live! with Kelly and Michael” in 2016 was a bit messy. His co-host, Kelly Ripa, was noticeably absent during the announcement, and he ended up leaving the show three months earlier than planned. In a recent interview, the 48-year-old Michael Strahan revealed what was happening behind the scenes and shared some valuable lessons he learned from his time on the show.

Early Tensions and Attempts to Resolve

Michael Strahan joined “Live!” less than a year after Regis Philbin’s departure, and he referred to his four years on the show as an “experience.” He tried to defuse early signs of tension between him and Kelly Ripa. He mentioned that he attempted to have meetings with her every few weeks to address any issues. However, as time went on, Kelly conveyed that she didn’t feel the need for these meetings. Michael acknowledged that you can’t force someone to do something they don’t want to do.

Struggles Behind the Scenes

Even though Michael and Kelly tried their best not to let their personal differences affect their on-screen chemistry, backstage annoyances continued to mount. He stated that when it was time for him to leave, it was time to go, emphasizing that he remained the same person he was from day one.

Television vs. Football

Michael Strahan compared his career in television to his 14-year career in professional football. He highlighted the importance of teamwork in both fields. He said that he didn’t want to be on a show where he felt like others were carrying him, emphasizing the significance of collective success. Michael shared that he had experienced jobs where he felt like he was supposed to be a sidekick when he thought he was coming in as a partner.

No Hate for Kelly

Despite the strained parting, Michael clarified that he doesn’t “hate” Kelly. He acknowledged that they may not have been a perfect match, but he respects her for her skills and what she can do at her job. He emphasized that he doesn’t hate her and has deep respect for her professionalism.

Valuable Lessons Learned

One of the positive aspects of his time on “Live!” was the valuable skills Michael Strahan acquired from working with Kelly Ripa. He mentioned that he learned how to craft a story, making even simple things sound interesting. He praised Kelly for her brilliance in this aspect and emphasized her excellence in her job.

Career After “Live!”

Since leaving “Live! with Kelly and Michael,” Michael Strahan has transitioned into a full-time role as a member of the “Good Morning America” staff. He co-hosts one of the show’s spin-offs alongside Sara Haines and Keke Palmer. Additionally, he hosts the latest iteration of the game show “Pyramid.”


Michael Strahan’s departure from “Live! with Kelly and Michael” may have been marked by some behind-the-scenes tensions, but he has moved on to new opportunities in his career. Despite the challenges he faced, he has found success in his role at “Good Morning America” and as the host of “Pyramid.” His experience with Kelly Ripa, although not without its difficulties, has left him with valuable skills and a deep respect for her professionalism.

Did Kelly Ripa mention Michael Strahan in her book?

In Kelly Ripa’s new book called “Live Wire: Long-Winded. Short Stories,” she didn’t talk about her old co-host, Michael Strahan.

Who is Michael that co-hosted with Kelly Ripa?

The person who co-hosted with Kelly Ripa after Regis Philbin left was Michael Strahan. He used to be a professional athlete and worked with Kelly from 2012 to 2016.

How much did Michael Strahan make on the Kelly Ripa show?

When Michael Strahan joined Kelly Ripa as the co-host on the ABC show “Live! With Kelly and Michael,” he earned around $21.5 million for the job. He did such a great job that he even won two Daytime Emmy Awards for his work on the show.

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