Dunith Wellalage Wikipedia, Wiki, Stats, Age, Bowling, Debut, Brother

Dunith Wellalage Wikipedia, Wiki, Stats, Age, Bowling, Debut, Brother

Dunith Wellalage Wikipedia, Wiki, Stats, Age, Bowling, Debut, Brother – Imagine a young Sri Lankan cricketer who has taken the international cricket scene by storm. Meet Dunith Wellalage, a budding star who’s creating waves with his cricketing talent. Born on January 9, 2003, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Dunith has quickly become a household name in his country and beyond. Let’s dive into his remarkable journey and explore what makes him such a promising figure in the world of cricket.

Dunith Wellalage Wikipedia, Wiki, Stats, Age, Bowling, Debut, Brother
Dunith Wellalage Wikipedia, Wiki, Stats, Age, Bowling, Debut, Brother

Dunith Wellalage Bio

In the fast-paced world of international cricket, emerging talents like Dunith Wellalage are making headlines. His remarkable journey from Sri Lanka’s cricket academies to the international stage has captured the attention of fans worldwide. In this article, we will delve into Dunith Wellalage’s Wikipedia page, explore his cricketing stats, learn about his age, bowling prowess, debut, and even take a look at his family, including his brother.

Dunith Wellalage’s Wikipedia page is a testament to his growing prominence in the cricketing world. Born on January 9, 2003, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, this 20-year-old cricketer has quickly risen through the ranks, leaving a mark with his impressive left-arm orthodox bowling and batting skills.

His Wikipedia entry highlights his early years in cricket, including his time at St. Sebastian’s College in Moratuwa and St. Joseph’s College in Colombo. These educational institutions played a crucial role in nurturing his cricketing talents.

Dunith Wellalage Family

Beyond his cricketing achievements, Dunith Wellalage’s family plays a significant role in his life. While information about his parents and siblings may not be widely available, his journey in cricket likely received strong support and encouragement from his family. It’s not uncommon for young cricketers like Dunith to have a strong family backing as they pursue their dreams on the cricket field.

Dunith Wellalage Career & Bowling

One of the defining aspects of Dunith Wellalage’s cricketing career is his left-arm orthodox bowling. This style sets him apart and has been a potent weapon in his arsenal. His ability to bowl effectively, especially after the powerplay overs, demonstrates his versatility and adaptability on the field.

Dunith Wellalage Debut

Dunith Wellalage Wikipedia, Wiki, Stats, Age, Bowling, Debut, Brother
  • International Debut

In June 2022, Dunith made his international debut for the Sri Lanka cricket team. He played his first One Day International (ODI) match against Australia, marking the beginning of what promises to be a promising international career. His performance in the series against Australia was commendable, where he picked up nine wickets in five games.

Dunith’s Test debut followed shortly after in July 2022 against Pakistan at Galle International Stadium. While he has only played one Test match so far, his journey in the longer format of the game is just beginning.

  • Lanka Premier League (LPL)

Dunith’s talent wasn’t confined to international cricket. In 2022, he made his mark in the Lanka Premier League (LPL) as a part of the Jaffna Kings team. His ability to perform on both domestic and international stages solidified his position as a valuable asset in the world of cricket.

  • The Asia Cup 2023 Breakthrough

One of the defining moments in Dunith’s career came during the Asia Cup 2023. In a highly anticipated match against India during the Super Four phase, this young Sri Lankan bowler took the cricketing world by surprise. In just three overs, Dunith Wellalage dismissed some of India’s top-order batsmen, including the likes of Rohit Sharma, Shubman Gill, and Virat Kohli. He continued to shine by taking the wicket of KL Rahul later in the innings.

Dunith Wellalage’s cricket stats tell the story of a promising career in the making. He made his debut in the First-Class format in 2019 for the Lankan Cricket Club. Since then, he has been steadily climbing the ladder, representing Sri Lanka at various levels.

Dunith Wellalage Cricket Stats

Here’s a snapshot of his cricket stats:

Career Averages


Vs Team

Vs Pakistan1213.013502.6900

In Host Country

In Sri Lanka1213.013502.6900

In Continent

In Asia1213.013502.6900

Home Vs Away


By Year

Year 20221213.013502.6900

By Season

Season 20221213.013502.6900

Captains Involved

*FDM Karunaratne1213.013502.6900

Is Captain / Is Not Captain

Is Not Captain1213.013502.6900

Is Keeper / Is Not Keeper

Is Not Keeper1213.013502.6900


Won The Toss1213.013502.6900

Toss And Batting Sequence

Won Toss & Batted1213.013502.6900

Batting First Vs Fielding First

Matches Batting First1213.013502.6900

In Team Innings

1st Team Innings116.011803.0000
2nd Team Innings117.001702.4200

In Match Innings

2nd Match Innings116.011803.0000
4th Match Innings117.001702.4200

Match Result

Won Match1213.013502.6900

Result And Batting Sequence

Won Batting First1213.013502.6900

In Tournament Type

2 Team Series1213.013502.6900
5+ Team Tournaments1213.013502.6900

In Match Number Per Series

2nd Match In Series1213.013502.6900

In Major Trophies

ICC World Test Champ1213.013502.6900

In Bowling Position

5th Position1213.013502.6900

Dunith Wellalage Social Media

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In the world of cricket, emerging talents like Dunith Wellalage inspire fans and aspiring cricketers alike. His dedication, natural talent, and ability to perform under pressure have propelled him to international stardom. As he continues to hone his skills and represent Sri Lanka on the global stage, Dunith is undoubtedly a cricketing prodigy who promises to leave an indelible mark on the sport. Cricket enthusiasts, both in Sri Lanka and around the world, eagerly await the next chapter in the remarkable career of Dunith Wellalage.

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Dunith Wellalage school

Dunith Wellalage attended two schools during his education. He went to St. Sebastian’s College in Moratuwa and later to St. Joseph’s College in Colombo.

Where is Theekshana from?

Maheesh Theekshana is also from Sri Lanka, just like Dunith Wellalage.

Dunith Wellalage brother

There is no publicly available information about Dunith Wellalage having a brother. His family details are not widely known.

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