Bobbi Parker Wikipedia, Oklahoma, Hall, Husband, Still Married, Missing, Facebook, Age

Bobbi Parker Wikipedia, Oklahoma, Hall, Husband, Still Married, Missing, Facebook, Age

Bobbi Parker Wikipedia, Oklahoma, Hall, Husband, Still Married, Missing, Facebook, Age – In 1994, an unimaginable story unfolded in Granite, Oklahoma. Bobbi Parker, the wife of a prison warden, was kidnapped by a violent murderer named Randolph Dial during his escape from the Oklahoma State Reformatory. What followed was nearly 11 years of captivity, filled with manipulation, fear, and confusion.

Bobbi Parker Meets Randolph Dial

Bobbi Parker lived right next to the Oklahoma State Reformatory with her husband, Randy Parker, who was a deputy warden. They had two young daughters. Among the inmates was Randolph Dial, a man serving a life sentence for a 1981 murder.

Dial was a peculiar character, an artist and sculptor, but also a fantasist who claimed involvement in secretive government agencies. He had managed to gain special privileges in prison and started an arts program to help inmates. Dial used the Parkers’ garage, converted into a ceramic studio, for his pottery program, and Bobbi often spent time alone with him there.

Parker’s Sudden Disappearance

One fateful morning in August 1994, Randy Parker left for work, seeing Dial working in the garage. When he returned home, Dial was gone, but there was a note from Bobbi saying she had gone shopping. At first, nothing seemed unusual.

However, as days passed without any sign of Bobbi, Randy grew concerned. Her mysterious phone calls to her family, excluding her husband, deepened the mystery. Then, Bobbi’s minivan was discovered in Texas, empty except for Dial’s cigarettes, and no one knew where she was.

Rediscovery 11 Years Later

Over a decade later, in April 2005, a tip led police to a remote chicken farm in Texas, where they found Dial and Bobbi living under assumed identities. Dial was arrested, and the couple’s strange story began to unravel.

Dial confessed to abducting Bobbi during his escape and brainwashing her to stay with him as they moved around Texas. He had threatened her family, keeping her under his control. But Bobbi’s reunion with her husband was emotional, and she found it difficult to discuss what had happened.

Meanwhile, investigators in Texas found evidence of a peculiar relationship between Bobbi and Dial. They had exchanged Valentine’s Day cards and were living in conditions where Bobbi seemed unhappy and under constant surveillance.

What Really Happened Between Bobbi Parker And Randolph Dial?

Bobbi’s behavior after her rescue suggested she had been under Dial’s control. She would ask for permission to do simple tasks like going to the bathroom, which was unusual for a grown woman.

In Texas, investigators found condoms and love cards exchanged by the couple. Bobbi appeared to be constantly anxious, and Dial was often seen working on his art while she worked under difficult conditions on the chicken farm. Visitors to their mobile home were met with Dial’s aggression, as he demanded to know why they were approaching.

Interestingly, Bobbi had opportunities to escape over the years, including during Dial’s hospitalization for a heart attack. However, she chose to stay with him, writing heartfelt letters.

Prosecution and Controversy

In April 2008, almost three years after her rescue, Bobbi Parker was arrested and charged with aiding Dial’s escape. The prosecution argued that she had willingly helped him escape because of her love for him. Bobbi’s defense, however, maintained that she had been drugged, kidnapped, and repeatedly raped by Dial.

During the trial, a former inmate testified that he had seen Bobbi drive away with Dial in the family minivan, giving him a startled look as she passed. Psychological reports suggested that Dial was highly manipulative, especially around women, and could have escaped on his own without Bobbi’s assistance.

In the end, Bobbi Parker was sentenced to one year for aiding Dial’s escape but served only six months before being released in 2012.


The story of Bobbi Parker and Randolph Dial is a complex and puzzling one. It raises questions about the blurred lines between love and manipulation, and whether Bobbi was a willing accomplice or a victim of Dial’s coercive tactics.

Even after her release, Bobbi’s experience remains a mystery. Was she truly a hostage, as she claimed, or did she develop genuine feelings for her captor? The case continues to intrigue and divide opinions, offering a glimpse into the depths of human psychology and the complexities of relationships in the most unusual circumstances.

What happened to Bobbi Parker?

Bobbi Parker received a one-year prison sentence for helping Randolph Dial escape from prison. She served six months of that sentence and was released on April 6, 2012. If you’re interested in more astonishing prison escape stories, you can explore the history of such escapes.

What happened to Randolph Dial?

Randolph Dial passed away in prison. He died on June 13, 2007, while in a high-security prison in McAlester, Oklahoma. His death was due to complications related to lung cancer. Dial had been convicted in 1986 of first-degree murder and was serving a life sentence for the 1981 murder of a karate instructor in Broken Arrow.

Is Bobbi Parker still married?

Yes, Bobbi Parker is still married to her husband, Randy Parker. Despite the extraordinary and challenging circumstances she faced during her captivity with Dial, their marriage endured. Dial had claimed that he had kidnapped Bobbi and forced her to stay with him, which she later affirmed. Randy Parker continued to work in the state prison system, and the couple remained married.

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