Bhola Shankar Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla 720p, Filmywap

Bhola Shankar Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla 720p, Filmywap

Bhola Shankar Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla 720p, Filmywap – Indian cinema has a way of captivating audiences with its storytelling, larger-than-life heroes, and heartwarming family dynamics. In 2023, the Telugu film industry delivered “Bhola Shankar,” a remake of the 2015 Tamil hit “Vedalam.” Directed by Meher Ramesh, this action-packed extravaganza features the legendary Chiranjeevi in the lead role, supported by a stellar cast including Tamannaah Bhatia, Keerthy Suresh, and Sushanth. As the film promised to be a commercial potboiler, it aimed to take its viewers on a thrilling journey filled with action, drama, and emotions.

Bhola Shankar Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla 720p, Filmywap
Bhola Shankar Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla 720p, Filmywap

Bhola Shankar Movie Download Story Filmyzilla

The story of “Bhola Shankar” revolves around the titular character, Shankar, portrayed by Chiranjeevi, a taxi driver who embarks on a journey from Hyderabad to Kolkata with his beloved sister, Mahalakshmi (Maha), played by Keerthy Suresh. Shankar’s sole purpose is to secure Maha’s admission to an arts college. Upon their arrival in Kolkata, they encounter “Kolkata” Kaali, an unlikely friend who offers them assistance.

With Maha successfully settled into college, Shankar joins Vamsi’s cab company, leading to an encounter with the fierce lawyer Lasya, portrayed by Tamannaah Bhatia. Lasya cunningly involves Shankar in a charade, where he poses as a mute eyewitness in a case. However, Shankar’s unforeseen words expose the ruse, leading to an embarrassing episode.

Vamsi intervenes to protect Shankar from Lasya’s wrath, setting the stage for an alliance between Lasya and Vamsi, with emotions intertwined in a web of vengeance. As the story progresses, it is revealed that Maha and Srikar, played by Sushanth, have secretly fallen in love, leading to unexpected consequences.

Shankar and his fellow cab drivers are enlisted by DCP Yashpal to uncover the sinister workings of a notorious crime syndicate. Shankar stumbles upon a case of arms trafficking, drawing the ire of the ruthless Bretlee and his henchmen. This confrontation leads to an intense face-off between Shankar and Bretlee, eventually revealing a shocking truth—they are long-lost brothers, separated in their childhood due to a tragic misunderstanding.

The arrival of Charles, Bretlee’s brother, triggers a showdown as Shankar confronts Charles and his squad. This encounter unveils Charles’ own tragic past, leading to an unexpected alliance between Shankar and Charles against a common enemy.

As Lasya, in her pursuit of Shankar, witnesses these confrontations, she finds herself torn between her duty and her growing affection for him. The truth about Shankar’s dual identity emerges, presenting Lasya with a moral dilemma that could reshape the lives of everyone involved.

Throughout the film, a series of flashback sequences delve into Shankar and Mahalakshmi’s earlier life as the notorious duo “Bholaa and Maha,” feared enforcers of justice. Their paths had crossed with Mahalakshmi’s parents, sparking a chain of events that set them on a collision course with destiny.

In the present, Shankar’s loyalty to his newfound family is put to the test as he races against time to protect Mahalakshmi from Alex, the cunning syndicate mastermind. A thrilling chase through Kolkata’s labyrinthine streets culminates in a confrontation, where Shankar must uncover a shocking truth about Alex’s connection to his past.

As the dust settles and the threads of fate intertwine, Shankar and Mahalakshmi return to Hyderabad, their lives forever altered by a journey that unraveled long-buried secrets, rekindled lost bonds, and redefined the boundaries of love, loyalty, and redemption.

Bhola Shankar Movie Download Review Filmywap

“Bhola Shankar” promised to be a commercial potboiler with Chiranjeevi at the helm, but as the curtains drew back, it delivered a rollercoaster ride of mixed emotions. Directed by Meher Ramesh, the film attempts to blend action, drama, comedy, and family sentiment, but it often feels like a mishmash of three different stories. In the end, it struggles to find its footing and deliver a cohesive narrative.

The film kicks off by introducing us to Shankar, portrayed by Chiranjeevi, as a seemingly naive and virtuous character. However, as the story progresses, we quickly realize that there’s more to him than meets the eye. Unfortunately, the first half of the film struggles to maintain a consistent tone, veering between multiple storylines. Meher Ramesh attempts to juggle between serious moments, comedic interludes, and romantic duets, leaving the audience with a sense of disjointed storytelling.

The film’s problems continue into the second half, where the writing fails to engage the viewer in the core of the story—the plight of the trafficked women and Shankar’s relationship with his sister Maha. While there are some redeeming scenes toward the end, they are not enough to salvage the overall narrative.

One aspect of the film that stands out is its fan service. Meher Ramesh includes dialogues that reference Chiranjeevi’s stardom, attempting to appeal to the actor’s dedicated fanbase. However, these moments often feel forced and fail to enhance the viewing experience. Additionally, the film tries too hard to pay homage to other Telugu cinema icons like Ram Charan and Pawan Kalyan, resulting in a sense of contrivance.

The treatment of female characters in “Bhola Shankar” leaves much to be desired. Actresses like Sreemukhi and Rashmi Gautam are brought into the film seemingly for objectification, and some of their scenes with Chiranjeevi may make viewers uncomfortable.

On a positive note, the film benefits from Dudley’s cinematography, which helps create visually appealing sequences. Chiranjeevi does his best to breathe life into his character, and Keerthy Suresh delivers a dependable performance. Tamannaah Bhatia, despite some issues with dubbing, manages to hold her own in terms of acting. Sushanth A, Murli Sharma, Brahmaji, and other supporting cast members deliver satisfactory performances.

In conclusion, “Bhola Shankar” falls short of its promise as a commercial entertainer. While Chiranjeevi’s presence is undoubtedly a highlight, the film’s disjointed storytelling, excessive attempts at fan service, and underdeveloped female characters hinder its overall impact. Meher Ramesh’s ambitious blend of multiple genres struggles to find coherence, resulting in a movie that fails to engage the audience on all fronts.

Bhola Shankar Movie Download Cast Tamilblasters

Tamannaah Bhatia
Keerthy Suresh
Raghu Babu
Murli Sharma
P. Ravi Shankar
Vennela Kishore
Bitthiri Sathi
Getup Srinu
Rashmi Gautam
Sriram Reddy Polasane
Hyper Adhi
Shawar Ali
Darbha Appaji Ambarisha
Tarun Arora
Veer Aryan
Sahithi Dasari
Viva Harsha
Amit Shivdas Nair
Rao Ramesh
Thagubothu Ramesh
Aarash Shah
Prabhas Sreenu
Venu Tillu
Surekha Vani
Bhola Shankar Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla 720p, Filmywap

Bhola Shankar Movie Download Crew Members Pagalmovies

DirectorMeher Ramesh
ProducerKrishna kishore Garikipati

K.S. Rama Rao

Sunkara Ramabrahmam

Anil Sunkara
WriterAdi Narayana


Mamidala Thirupathi
Music ByMahati Swara Sagar
Cinematography byDudley
Film Editing ByMarthand K. Venkatesh
Production Design byA.S. Prakash
Costume Design by
Bhola Shankar Movie Download in Hindi Filmyzilla 720p, Filmywap

Bhola Shankar Movie Download Trailer Tamilrockers

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What is the storyline of “Bhola Shankar,” and who are the key characters in the movie?

“Bhola Shankar” follows the journey of Shankar, played by Chiranjeevi, a taxi driver who travels from Hyderabad to Kolkata with his sister, Mahalakshmi (Maha), portrayed by Keerthy Suresh, to secure her admission to an arts college. The film introduces various characters, including the fierce lawyer Lasya (Tamannaah Bhatia), Maha’s love interest Srikar (Sushanth), and the criminal mastermind Bretlee. As the plot unfolds, family bonds, secrets, and alliances take center stage.

How does “Bhola Shankar” blend different genres, and does it succeed in doing so?

“Bhola Shankar” attempts to blend action, drama, comedy, and family sentiment, creating a multi-faceted narrative. However, reviews suggest that the film struggles to maintain a consistent tone and often feels like a mishmash of different storylines. While it has moments of action and emotion, it fails to seamlessly integrate these elements, leaving viewers with a sense of disjointed storytelling.

What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of “Bhola Shankar,” according to the movie review?

According to the movie review, “Bhola Shankar” benefits from Chiranjeevi’s presence and Dudley’s cinematography, which adds visual appeal to the film. However, it is criticized for its excessive fan service, forced references to Chiranjeevi’s stardom, and the underdeveloped portrayal of female characters. The film’s attempt to pay homage to other Telugu cinema icons is also seen as contrived. Overall, it falls short of its potential as a commercial entertainer due to its disjointed storytelling and lack of coherence in blending different genres.

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