Barbara Lord Wiki, Wikipedia, Actress, Gunsmoke, Images, Today

Barbara Lord Wiki, Wikipedia, Actress, Gunsmoke, Images, Today

Barbara Lord Wiki, Wikipedia, Actress, Gunsmoke, Images, Today – In a quiet town in Saskatchewan, a mother’s life took a devastating turn. Barbara N. Lord, 75, of Tidevue Estates, previously of Somerset Massachusetts, born in Warwick Rhode Island, faced an unimaginable nightmare – the loss of her only child, Gerald Lord. Gerald, known as Gerry, met a tragic end on September 11, 2013, in Holdfast, Sask., when he was shot four times by an RCMP officer during a confrontation.

Barbara Lord Wiki, Wikipedia, Actress, Gunsmoke, Images, Today

A Loving Mother and a Devoted Wife

Barbara Lord was a loving mother and a devoted wife. She was married to Benjamin R. Lord and had a daughter, Cristine T. Prario. Additionally, she embraced her stepdaughter, Judy Tybo, and was a beloved grandmother to Cassandra and Mitchell Prario. Barbara’s family extended to include three step-grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren. Her home in Tidevue Estates was a warm and welcoming place for all.

A Life of Giving

Throughout her life, Barbara Lord embodied the spirit of giving. In her younger years, she was an active participant in swimming and sports. She was also a tenor in a local barbershop chorus, sharing her beautiful voice with the community. But Barbara’s generosity extended far beyond her hobbies.

She dedicated her time and energy to various charitable causes and projects. Barbara was a committed blood donor, contributing to saving lives in her community. She selflessly supported organizations like Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc., making a difference in the lives of those with visual impairments.

During the pandemic, Barbara put her sewing skills to good use, creating masks for friends and family to help keep them safe. Her caring nature was evident in everything she did.

A Pillar of the Community

Barbara Lord was an integral part of the Tidevue Estates community, where she resided for 16 years. She organized themed dances for all its members to enjoy, creating a sense of togetherness and fun. The love and support she gave to her neighbors, friends, and clubmates were reciprocated, making her an irreplaceable pillar of the community.

The Tragic Loss

Gerald Lord’s death on September 11, 2013, was a tragedy that continues to haunt his family. He was shot four times in Holdfast, Sask., by an RCMP officer during an incident at his rural home. Gerry’s death left his mother, Barbara, shattered, and she has been living a nightmare ever since.

The circumstances surrounding Gerry’s death were deeply troubling. RCMP officers had been called to Gerry’s home because he had allegedly been sending threatening messages to a former friend. When the lone RCMP officer arrived, Gerry was intoxicated, and a struggle ensued as the officer attempted to arrest him. Tragically, the officer fired four shots, one of which shattered Gerry’s spine, ultimately leading to his death.

Seeking Justice

For more than four years after Gerry’s death, no charges have been laid, despite an inquest determining it was a homicide. What is even more disheartening for the Lord family is that the case was overseen by the Regina Police Service, not an independent investigative agency.

Barbara Lord Wiki, Wikipedia, Actress, Gunsmoke, Images, Today

Barbara Lord and her family firmly believe that Gerry’s death was wrongful and preventable. They contend that the officer should have used alternative methods to de-escalate the situation and that the response did not match Gerry’s alleged crime. Moreover, they are advocating for these cases, including Gerry’s, to be investigated by independent bodies to ensure transparency and fairness.

The Need for Independent Oversight

Saskatchewan stands out as one of the few provinces in Canada that lacks a standalone civilian agency for independent oversight of police actions. Other provinces, including Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia, have established such bodies to investigate deaths or serious incidents involving the police.

Experts argue that independent oversight is crucial for maintaining public confidence in the justice system. It ensures that police officers are held accountable for their actions and prevents conflicts of interest that may arise when one police service investigates another.

In Saskatchewan, there is a public complaints commission, but it operates reactively and does not initiate investigations into incidents like police shootings unless a complaint is filed. This reactive approach falls short of the transparency and impartiality needed to address cases like Gerry Lord’s.

Calls for Change

The tragic death of Gerry Lord has ignited calls for change in Saskatchewan. Experts and advocates believe that the province should establish a standalone agency responsible for conducting independent investigations into police-involved incidents.

Robert Gordon, a Professor of Criminology at Simon Fraser University, emphasizes the importance of moving toward independent scrutiny. He states, “It is frankly foolish not to be moving in that direction. There is public demand for greater independent scrutiny for any death involving police officers.”

Justice ministry officials in Saskatchewan have indicated that they are actively monitoring the approaches adopted by other provinces. While they acknowledge the absence of an independent agency, they point to the appointment of independent observers, often from other police agencies, as a measure of oversight.

Seeking Closure

Barbara Lord acknowledges that she does not know if the outcome in her son’s case would have been different had it been independently investigated. However, she finds it deeply unjust that Gerry’s death seemed to place all blame on him and not on the officer who fired the fatal shots.

“What it all boils down to is they blamed it on alcohol and they blamed it on him, and he’s dead no matter what,” Barbara said, highlighting the need for a fair and impartial process to seek closure and justice for cases like Gerry’s.

In the midst of her own tragedy, Barbara Lord continues to advocate for change, hoping that no other family has to endure the pain and injustice she and her loved ones have suffered. Her relentless pursuit of justice serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for independent oversight of police actions in Saskatchewan and beyond.

Barbara Lord Wiki, Wikipedia, Actress, Gunsmoke, Images, Today

This heartfelt story revolves around Barbara Lord, a mother who faced the unthinkable tragedy of losing her son, Gerry, in a police shooting in Saskatchewan. Gerry’s death left Barbara shattered, and she has been on a journey seeking justice for her beloved son ever since.

Barbara Lord is not just a grieving mother; she is a woman who dedicated her life to giving back to her community. She was a loving mother, devoted wife, and cherished grandmother. Her warm and welcoming home in Tidevue Estates was a hub of love and support for her family and friends. She was involved in various charitable causes, including blood donation and supporting organizations like Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc. Barbara also used her sewing skills to create masks during the pandemic, a testament to her caring nature.

Within the Tidevue Estates community, Barbara was a pillar of strength. She organized events and dances, fostering a sense of togetherness and fun among its members. Her kindness and support were reciprocated by her neighbors and friends, making her an indispensable part of the community.

The tragedy struck on September 11, 2013, when Gerry lost his life in a confrontation with an RCMP officer in Holdfast, Saskatchewan. The circumstances surrounding his death were deeply troubling. Gerry, who had allegedly been sending threatening messages to a former friend, was confronted by the officer when he was intoxicated. A struggle ensued, leading to the fatal shots fired by the officer.

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