3 Ekka Movie Download Moviesflix, Filmy4wap, 1080p, 720p, 480p

3 Ekka Movie Download Moviesflix, Filmy4wap, 1080p, 720p, 480p

3 Ekka Movie Download Moviesflix, Filmy4wap, 1080p, 720p, 480p – Gujarati cinema has been on the rise in recent years, and “3 Ekka” (૩ એક્કા) stands as a shining example of the industry’s growth. Directed by Rajesh Sharma and penned by the talented duo of Chetan Daiya and Parth Trivedi, this 2023 Gujarati drama film has captured the hearts of viewers with its blend of comedy, drama, and memorable performances.

3 Ekka Movie Download Mp4moviez, Filmyzilla, Moviesflix, hdhub4u, Filmy4wap
3 Ekka Movie Download Moviesflix, Filmy4wap, 1080p, 720p, 480p

3 Ekka Movie Download Story

The story kicks off with a bang as Kalrav, Kabir, and Bhargav embark on their mission. To secure the needed funds, they borrow money from a formidable moneylender, portrayed by Hitu Kanodia, with interest looming over them. Their quest takes them into the world of poker, leading to a series of hilarious and unexpected events that keep the audience thoroughly entertained.

The film’s plot is a rollercoaster ride, filled with twists and turns that take the audience by surprise. Despite its simplicity in terms of locations and scenarios, “3 Ekka” shines through its storytelling and performances. Director Rajesh Sharma expertly navigates the narrative, ensuring that humor and unexpected situations remain at the forefront.

A Laugh Riot: – From the very beginning, “3 Ekka” sets the stage for laughter, a crucial element in any comedy. The breezy first half effectively sets the tone for an even more powerful second half. The story and performances shine, with a remarkable on-screen chemistry between Malhar Thakar and Kinjal Rajpriya, who previously charmed audiences in “Chhello Divas.”

Yash Soni and Mitra Gadhvi are equally impressive, portraying their roles with excellent comic timing. Esha Kansara and Tarjanee Bhadla add depth and charm to the film’s characters. The supporting cast, including Chetan Daiya, Prem Gadhavi, and Om Bhatt, elevate the movie with their performances, and there are some delightful cameos in the second half.

Musical Notes: – While “3 Ekka” doesn’t heavily rely on music, it has a lively number, “Tehunk” (sung by Aditya Gadhvi and Bhargav Purohit), which stays with you long after leaving the theater. The background score by Kedar-Bhargav adds an interesting layer to the film.

A Smile-Inducing Climax: – Although the film’s second half could have benefited from tighter editing, the climax is nothing short of delightful. It leaves the audience with a big smile on their faces and a sense of satisfaction.

In summary, “3 Ekka” is a must-watch for Gujarati cinema enthusiasts and comedy lovers alike. With its well-executed humor, captivating storyline, and memorable performances, it stands out as a good family entertainer that will have you in splits. This film is not just a box office hit; it’s a testament to the growing quality and appeal of Gujarati cinema, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting what the industry has in store next.

3 Ekka Movie Download Review

3 Ekka grabs your attention right from the beginning with its infectious energy and humor, setting the perfect tone for a comedy film. The breezy first half serves as a delightful appetizer, paving the way for a powerful second act filled with unexpected twists. Director Rajesh Sharma masterfully navigates the storyline’s complexities, keeping the audience guessing and entertained throughout.

The performances by the cast are praiseworthy. The chemistry between Malhar Thakar and Kinjal Rajpriya, who previously shared the screen in Chhello Divas, is palpable and endearing. Esha Kansara and Tarjanee Bhadla complement the chaos created by Yash Soni and Mitra Gadhvi’s characters flawlessly. Malhar, Yash, and Mitra display impeccable comic timing, leaving a lasting impression. The supporting cast, featuring Chetan Daiya, Prem Gadhavi, and Om Bhatt, elevates the film, and there are some memorable cameos in the second half. Hitu Kanodia delivers a standout performance that adds depth to the story.

The film’s background score by Kedar-Bhargav is engaging, and although it doesn’t feature many songs, “Tehunk” (sung by Aditya Gadhvi and Bhargav Purohit) is a lively number that lingers in your mind even after leaving the theater.

While the second half of the film could benefit from tighter editing, the captivating climax brings an ear-to-ear smile to your face. Overall, 3 Ekka is a delightful family entertainer that will have you in splits. It successfully combines humor, drama, and an unexpected twist in a Gujarati cinema package that’s not to be missed. Whether you’re a fan of Gujarati cinema or simply in the mood for a good laugh, 3 Ekka delivers the entertainment you crave.

3 Ekka Movie Download Cast

Malhar ThakarKalrav urfe colour
Yash SoniKabir urfe baba
Mitra GadhviBhargav urfe bhuriyo
Kinjal RajpriyaMansi
Esha KansaraJhanvi
Tarjanee BhadlaKavita
Hitu Kanodia
Chetan Daiya
Prem Gadhavi
Tusharika Rajguru
Om Bhatt
Ronak MadgutEvent Manager

3 Ekka Movie Download Crew Members

DirectorRajesh Sharma
ProducerDharmendra Boricha

Kashyap Kapta

Anand Pandit

Shashwat Shah

Vaishal Shah
WriterParth Trivedi

Chetan Daiya
Music ByKedar Bhargav

Bhargav Purohit
Cinematography byPratik Parmar
Film Editing ByNirav Panchal
Production Design byChirayu Bodas
Costume Design byAmeel Macwan

3 Ekka Movie Download Trailer

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What is “3 Ekka” about?

3 Ekka is a 2023 Gujarati comedy-drama film that revolves around the character Kalrav, also known as Colour, played by Malhar Thakar. He accepts a unique challenge from his girlfriend’s father – to earn ₹50 lakhs in just three months if he wants to marry his girlfriend, Mansi (Kinjal Rajpriya). To achieve this goal, Kalrav teams up with his friends Kabir (Yash Soni) and Bhargav (Mitra Gadhavi) and ventures into the world of poker, leading to a series of comical and unexpected events. The film offers a hilarious and entertaining storyline with a touch of drama.

Who are the key cast members in “3 Ekka”?

The film “3 Ekka” boasts an ensemble cast of talented actors. The main cast includes:

1. Malhar Thakar as Kalrav (Colour)
2. Yash Soni as Kabir (Baba)
3. Mitra Gadhavi as Bhargav (Bhuriyo)
4. Kinjal Rajpriya as Mansi
5. Esha Kansara
6. Tarjanee Bhadla
7. Hitu Kanodia

These actors deliver memorable performances that contribute to the film’s overall charm and humor.

What makes “3 Ekka” a must-watch Gujarati film?

“3 Ekka” stands out as a must-watch Gujarati film for several reasons:

1. It combines comedy and drama to create an engaging and entertaining storyline.

2. The film features a talented ensemble cast that delivers outstanding performances.

3. Director Rajesh Sharma skillfully handles the plot’s twists and turns, keeping the audience engaged.

4. The film’s humor, especially in the first half, sets the right tone for an enjoyable cinematic experience.

5. “3 Ekka” offers a blend of laughter, unpredictability, and heartwarming moments that make it a great choice for both fans of Gujarati cinema and those seeking a lighthearted, family-friendly entertainment option.

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